Lighting Elements in Indochine Style Interior is one of the most important elements. Closely related to architectural and interior components, the lighting design not only brings aesthetic efficiency. But also affects the emotions of the space. In Indochine design works, the light element needs special attention to avoid too dark space. Lighting solutions for the building include natural and artificial lighting systems.

Indochine Style Interior Natural Lighting Solution

With Indochina-style interior design, natural lighting solution depends heavily on architectural edic er looks.

Door system

The door is the main system that takes wind and natural light for the building. Indochine door systems usually have a 2-layer structure, the outer layer is a leaf door for wind, the inside layer is usually glass doors, wood blue or convenience for getting light. 

Refer to the construction design of Sunshine Garden Apartment posted on Happynest interior page

With modern buildings today, the internal layer is usually glass to use air conditioning, the outer layer is still a book to retain the characteristic elements of Indochine architecture.


Nowadays, the covering partition is also used a lot for getting light. Wooden blue partitions, touching patterns, pure Vietnamese motifs. both create a space divider, ensure natural light throughout, and create a high aesthetic effect.

Artificial Lighting Solutions

When natural light is insufficient to respond, artificial light will be in charge of the rest of the light, especially in the evening. Artificial lighting solutions are part of Indochine Style interior and construction engineering design.

Artificial lighting needs to ensure harmonious functionality and aesthetics. Especially with Indochina style, using a lot of dark wood furniture. 3 common lighting systems:

  • General lighting: ensure even lighting for the entire space
  • Local lighting: depending on the space, the lighting system design is suitable for use.
  • Decorative lighting: create accents in interior decoration, increase the aesthetic effect of the space.

Lighting Elements in Indochine Style Interior

In Indochine style, there are some notes when designing artificial lighting such as:

  • Light colors: use gentle, warm color lamps such as yellow lamps.
  • Special decorative lighting is focused, using a decorative lighting system to express the nostalgic and delicate Asian features such as lanterns, rattan lamps …

The combination of lighting solutions not only supports the function of use, but also helps to increase the aesthetic efficiency of the building. Whether the combination is beautiful or not depends on the aesthetics, skills, expertise of architects and homeowners. A design consultancy with long experience such as V.scale will help homeowners implement Indochine works in accordance with the standards. 


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