What are the 5 features of Indochine Style Interior recognition? This interior style has a selection of interiors and decorations… That expresses elegance, quietness and romance. It’s also a reflection of traditional aftertastes. When applying this style to nowadays’s design, it is necessary to skillfully combine it with the amenities. To bring comfort and convenience to users.


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5 features of Indochine Style Interior recognition

Mục lục

Indochine interior design is beautiful and true in the following characteristic elements:

Interior colors

Indochine furniture uses neutral tones. Such as light yellow, creamy yellow, white to create a cool feeling. The interior space will combine with the natural color of wood, rattan.

We use yellow the most commonly in Indochine-style interior spaces. According to feng shui, this is the color that represents prosperity. Some spaces also use tropical colors, making a strong impression. Such as red, purple, orange-yellow, blue …


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Materials used

Unlike modern interiors with many materials of glass, stone, metal … We use the Indochine style more towards traditional Asian materials.

  • Wood: durable, strong properties

Wood material creates a luxurious feeling for space. In Indochine-style villa interior design, wood is the main material used. Structural frame system, the console of the tile roof, door system. Floor tiles, ceiling tiles, interior, decorative details …

  • Rattan, bamboo

This is a traditional material from ancient times to the present in the construction of houses in Vietnam. Has an anti-termite effect, plasticity is easy to shape and durable. Rattan, children are used as equipment, partitions, and decorations.

  • Tile

The tile originates from France, is made of cement. We also decorate it with a simple, soft, delicate style. Variety of colors and designs, tile tiles are used mainly for paving the background or walls. Tile is a unique feature of Indochine style in the interior. High durability, the brighter the use, which helps to cool the house in summer. However, we are currently gradually replacing tiles with floors parquet.


Patterns and textures

The next one in 5 features of Indochine Style Interior recognition is pattern and textures. Traditional Vietnamese art elements are clearly shown in patterns and motifs. These things create unique features of Indochine furniture in Vietnam. We apply these patterns and motifs to handle floor details, ceilings, walls, partitions, decorative items…
Using patterns and motifs in Indochine villa interior space will create high aesthetic effects.

  • Hexagonal motifs: consisting of 3 main groups

Mesh motifs (rhombic, hexagonal, triangular, numerical or uneven). Circle activity (gold coins, a ustheneds). Rewriting motifs evocative of letters (亞, 卐, 工)

  • Letter motifs

We stylized motifs consisting of Kanji (Phuc, Loc, Tho, Hy) simply, seamlessly, intertwined with layers. Each word is neatly spaced in a square or freely in focus.

  • Group of still life motifs

Including fruit (commonly found at temples), bowls (gou, fan, sword, herd, books, pens, flutes, ceiling chalk)

  • Floral motifs, leaf ropes, fruits

Four-quarter motifs (pine, chrysanthemum, bamboo, apricot). Lotus flowers, flower strings, fruits from simple to complex.

  • Animal motifs

Four Spirits (Long, Ly, Quy, Phuong), fish, tigers, lions…


We use yellow a lot in Indochine style interior design (Source: Collectibles)

Reliefs, round statues

Indochine Style is cultural integration, part of which is the art of sculpture. We use reliefs and round statues not only for decoration. But we also use them to show the identity and quintessence of national traditions. Made from rich materials (wood, terracotta, stone, porcelain, copper …), diverse shapes, reliefs, and round statues. They’re bearing the imprint of Vietnamese and Champa sculptures.

  • Reliefs, traditional Vietnamese statues

Buddha statues, seedlings, puppets, four spirits. Lotus flowers, chrysanthemums, bodhisattva trees…

  • Reliefs, Champa statues

Expressing the conception and religion of the Champa people. This relief appears in many temples and pagodas. We often saw some reliefs, round statues: angel musician Gandharva. Female sees her head kinnari bird, fairy Apsara, bird god Garuda.


Some typical Indochine Style furniture and equipment

Today, Indochina furniture has many modern and comfortable features to suit the lifestyle. However, some interiors and equipment have a traditional feature characteristic of old Indochina. Wood carving furniture, nacre mosaic; rattan furniture. Counter, collapse, utility, ord, lacquerware…

Furniture and equipment have a delicate combination of East-West culture. We combine modern French equipment with Vietnamese crafts to match the indigenous culture.


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The end

It’s not just indigenous culture in shape and overall design. Indochine interior style recreates the beauty of Indochina. With Asian beauty in harmony and French romance. Customers who want to design Indochine villa furniture please contact V.scale. We are a unit with 15 years of experience in the furniture industry:


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